Robert G. Litterati

In order to tell a good story, it needs to be passed through time from one generation to the next. While the story evolves, it gets molded through the way it is retold by each individual. This tradition of visual story telling is mirrored throughout art history.

Based in marble monuments and evolving into assemblage, the story of contemporary sculpture is everchanging. Robert G. Litterati works this lineage of sculpture into each of his time staking artworks. Referring back into antiquity and repurposing the masterful works in a contemporary way requires his keen eye for detail and courtesy to romanticism.

Each artwork takes on a site-specific story of a time and place. As each story is retold in a contemporary way, Litterati uses found materials from the modern world such as discarded tires and other plastic waste to construct these visions. The raw materiality shows his intense capability of rendering each piece into life. While challenging the viewer spatially, the imagination is also invited to explore new channels of biology.